I would like to use the IoT-challenge and the brewcloud-project as opportunity for getting in touch with iOS-app-development in general (I mentioned my first steps in my last article) and the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS in special.

When digging deeper into this topic, it seems first important to understand what SAP Fiori really is. Obviously, it has something to do with new, modern, mobile-enabled UIs by SAP, but is it a development language, a framework? What’s the exact definition of SAP Fiori? Is it the same as SAPUI5?

SAP Fiori

SAP is a design guideline for application UIs. Important are five design principles:

  • ROLE-BASED: personalizable to the user via roles
  • DELIGHTFUL: enrich the work experience and simply do your job
  • COHERENT: “Across the enterprise, you enjoy the same intuitive and consistent experience.”
  • SIMPLE: lightweight UIs which are easy to use
  • ADAPTIVE: work how and where you want, on any device.


The SAP Fiori Design guidelines are used by SAP when creating new application UIs and also openly available for customers and partners to build their own applications following the SAP Fiori Design guidelines. The technology for the realisation of the guidelines is SAPUI5.

“In a nutshell, UI5 is a client UI technology based on JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Servers come into play for deploying your applications, storing the SAPUI5 libraries, and connecting to a database.” (quote by Patrick Colucci)

SAP Fiori for iOS

With this knowledge, it might be easier to understand what SAP Fiori for iOS is: “a design language that unifies our deep understanding of business user needs and the rigorous requirements of the modern enterprise with the principles of good iOS design. ” (quote from experience.sap.com)

source: experience.sap.com

Fiori for iOS is like a marriage of Apple’s and SAP’s Fiori design languages. It ensures a coherent user experience if Fiori apps are used on an iOS device. Using a Fiori for iOS-app on an iOS device just feels natural. So, Fiori for iOS is the design language. It describes objects like Views, Table Views, definition of appearances, but not the technical implementation.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Enough of the foreplay, we discussed the needed basics to understand what the SAP Cloud Platform for iOS SDK brings to us. It enables you to implement the Fiori for iOS design language via default integration points to the SAP Cloud Platform.

“By bringing together powerful iOS features and seamless integration with SAP systems, developers can innovate faster than ever.” (developer.apple.com/sap)

After downloading the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS-package to your Mac (you need to leave some contact information in order to download), you can launch an assistant that guides you through all the necessary steps to setup the environment for an iOS application, hosted by and developed on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The result will be an xcode project that offers you UI elements in Fiori style + integration options for connecting with the SAP Cloud Platform. After the initial setup, everything is set up for you to immediately start coding.

source: cloudplatform.sap.com

I will cover a detailed description on how to start and the content of the resulting xcode project in anotther, fresh article… stay tuned !


Some links I used for my research:

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