Wiring in Spring

Wiring in Spring

I did my first steps with a Spring Boot application and now, I need to extend the bootstrapped start application for my individual needs. So I need to understand a little bit more about the inside of a Spring application in order to make changes / extensions – I would like to take some notes about that here!

Wiring beans

My first finding:

“In Spring, objects aren’t responsible for finding or creating the other objects that they need to do their jobs. Instead, the container gives them references to the objects that they collaborate with.” (source: book: “Spring in action” by Craig Walls)

This procedure is called wiring. Continue reading “Wiring in Spring”

get your stuff together – with Maven

get your stuff together – with Maven

When trying to get my hands on the development stuff that is in fashion, there is simply no way around Maven.

Although I got a high-level understanding of what Maven is, I’d like to use the possibility of writing a blog article for getting the stuff together…

First of all, maven is a tool that supports the build process. In my blog post about DevOps, I showed this picture and I still think it’s best for understanding a lot of important things, in this case how the build process takes place in the CD/CI Pipeline: Continue reading “get your stuff together – with Maven”

Spring… in July?

As I stumble upon Spring all the time when reading about state-of-the-art development techniques, I want to understand better what it is. (I mentioned in one of my first articles that I got some homework to do… 🙂 )

I started with watching this youtube-video of 2015 where Josh Long, part of the Pivotal-team, gets some basic information how to get started with Spring Boot development:

The video title is already mentioning Spring Boot, on other places I read about Spring Cloud… I would like to clarify those different aspects in this article. Continue reading “Spring… in July?”