I will visit Portugal!

I will visit Portugal!

In September 2017, I got the chance to visit Portugal for 1 week! And because in my opinion, vacation starts with the preparation when you check nice spots, you select the right place to stay etc, I’d like to write all of that down in a blog post!

As my girlfriend is going on an Erasmus semester, I took the chance to visit her with some friends and combine that with a roadtrip along the Portuguese coast.

By the way: Check out her new blog katzeunterwegs.wordpress.com ! She took the chance to write something about her experiences and will probably share some cool photos!

So our roadtrip will start in Lisbon (where we meet my girlfriend Kathi). We will first drive down to Faro in order to drive along the West Coast up to Porto where will spend one weekend before we fly back! Continue reading “I will visit Portugal!”

deploying a Spring application on SAP Cloud Platform

deploying a Spring application on SAP Cloud Platform

I wrote an article about how to deploy a Spring applicaton on SAP Cloud Platform @ brewcloud – check it out!


Just a quick one today.

I wrote some words about Spring on my personal blog nicobost.me (Spring buzzwords: Java Framework, Dependency Injection, bootstrap):

The reason I made that effort in understanding Spring is that a colleague of mine, who is Java developer, recommend Spring for our brewcloud-project because it is the easiest way to create a Java application easily.
But before it gets easy, you have to understand some Spring basics – I tried to write some of them done in the article I linked above.

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