I wrote some words about Spring on my personal blog nicobost.me (Spring buzzwords: Java Framework, Dependency Injection, bootstrap):

The reason I made that effort in understanding Spring is that a colleague of mine, who is Java developer, recommend Spring for our brewcloud-project because it is a lightweight way to create a Java application easily.
But before it gets easy, you have to understand some Spring basics – I tried to write some of them done in the article I linked above.

First of all: If you prefer building your Java application in JAR instead of WAR, you might be a little disappointed: It is not possible to deploy an application out of a JAR file, so you might want to build a WAR file. You can easily configure that within Maven, there are a bunch of tutorials for that on the Internet.

Here are some general information about how to deploy a Java application as WAR file via Cloud Cockpit: help.sap.com

My colleague helped me with some right annotations and wrote an example app for me so it’s easier to understand how it all ties together. (thanks a lot for the support!). When I tried to deployed his “quick-start”-application on SAP Cloud Platform, it didn’t work out immediately – there is a parameter you have to set during deployment which I want you to be aware of.


When deploying via Cloud Cockpit, you can assign “JVM Arguments”. If you are deploying the spring application, make sure you set the JVM argument:

JVM Arguments: -Dspring.profiles.active=neo

From what I understood, this is only necesssary when you deploy on SAP Cloud Platform Neo environment (the “older” one before Cloud Foundry was released). If you deploy on SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry, the argument is not necessary.

Hope this helps you while playing around with the SAP Cloud Platform!

… here are some other tutorials that might help you during your continuous learning:

(featured image: Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash – thanks ! )

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