Today, I had the pleasure to connect with a team of students within my company that worked on a project with an organization named “Viva con Agua”.

Did you know that – according to – 844 million people don’t have access to clean water? I didn’t know that! And to be honest, I am really shocked by that number. Of course I knew that poverty is a problem in our world, but WATER??? Water is not a luxury product, it’s not a “nice-to-have”, humans simply can’t survive without water. And with bringing water to people, Viva con Agua is working on changing that number. 

Viva con Agua understands itself as an “open network where everyone can bring in what he/she can do best”.  They got broad support by musicians / actors / stars who bring in their media presence to spread the word.


It is crazily interesting to see how this network evolved. If you understand German, you should definitively watch this TedX-talk:

I like the idea very much as it is connected with fun. The founders say that it is not possible to achieve good things within a team without having fun. How true that sentence is!

Benjamin Adrion, one of the founders, tells in his story of getting the idea for viva con agua that, during a trip through Cuba, the attitude of the Cubans overwhelmed him. Although the “quality of living” (what we in Germany much too often connect with wealth and luxury products yet value as a very important thing to be lucky) is much lower than in our world, the people seem to be much happier.

When I was in Cuba last year, I got the exact same expression! The people have other things they care about like being together, dancing and making music (and rum, obviously).

With that mood in mind, VcA evolved to an amazing network. Another (german) video about what VcA has become and how they work together with the Welthungerhilfe e.V.

You can support VcA by simply:

  • Donate your deposit when going to a concert / festival
  • Buy the water in a store when possible
  • Order the water in a bar when they offer it
  • Join the VcA-movement in your city!
  • Spread the word about VcA and the good story behind it !

Great to see how easily we can make the world better. VcA got a new supporter today!

Check out the viva con agua website and read something about their projects: 

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