Let me say something about my first days with the new Apple Watch 3.

I was one of the early adopters when the first Apple Watch came out last year (yes, it was only 2016 when I bought Apple watch 1!) Back then, I was of course proud of my new gadget. At that time, you still felt like a Gadget-nerd when you had one of those smart watches. End of 2017, that kind of changed, no one is wondering why your watch is not showing the time anymore if you don’t raise your wrist, so your motivation to wear the watch should be another one.

One motivation why I wanted an Apple Watch again was that I want to do more sports. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think an Apple Watch is necessary for that, doing sports is not connected to an electronic device! But it can indeed be a good starting point. I was, for example, swimming the first time with an activity tracker yesterday. And as I usually have issues with counting the lengths right, I was happy to wear the Apple Watch also inside the water – something that was not possible with the version 1 that I previously had.

that is not me, picture by Todd Quackenbush from unsplash

Yesterday evening, I finally received the activation code for my eSIM inside Apple Watch 3. For setting the LTE up, you don’t need no SIM chip that you plug into the small watch, but you just scan a QR Code with your phone and it configures the credentials for logging in to the cellular network on your Apple Watch. Actually, I don’t really understand why this mechanism is not used for every mobile connection – why do we need those stupid SIM chips than anyway? Users could have several connection profiles on one device and switch the profile by setting a switch in the settings menu… how cool would that be????

I am very interested in using the Watch during running without having my iPhone with me (once the German weather is done with raining/snowing and being dark all-day long). I got the iPhone 7, which is not huge but you feel it slightly bouncing inside your pocket while running. The idea of just connecting my Bluetooth headphones to the watch, but still stream music while running without the need of carrying my phone with me sounds just amazing…. Plus, I was happy to recognize that my Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones do also work with the Apple Watch, ALTHOUGH they are not Apple products.

But just in the next step, I recognized that I am still in an Apple cosmos: No Spotify App for Apple Watch. That really turns me sad. I am a big Spotify fan, I share music with colleagues, we collaborate on playlists for partys, I can see in a timeline what my friends are listening to. I don’t want to switch to Apple Music, especially not out of the motivation that I am forced to do so. If Apple offers the better product, I might consider a change but definitely not because Apple prevents an Apple Watch App for Spotify. There is a huge Spotify fan base discussing this problem. 

And then, there is Siri…. but I need to cover that in a whole different text.

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