When my girlfriend recognized that between the end of her semester in Lisbon and the start of her new semester in Karlsruhe, there are 3-months spare time, she decided to use the time for travel. Reasonable decision!

After she now spend a month in Ecuador, we decided to spend some time together traveling Colombia. So I booked a flight from Frankfurt via Madrid to Bogotà and now here I am in South America for the first time.

First, we spent some days in Bogotà to give the body some time to sync with the new time-zone and as well get some insights of the capital. We joined a free walking tour with a phenomenal guide that had the gift of telling the history of this country in a way that you don’t feel bored for one second.

After some days in the big city, we decided to get some more “tranquilo” time, so we flew to Pereira and took the Bus to Salento, the home town of lots of coffee! It’s a small village surrounded by wonderful green nature and an over-offering of activities. We visited an amazing coffee farm 10 minutes walking from Salento ( check out Finca Momota for an authentic tour with a focus on organic growing ! ), I was absolutely stunned by the Cocora Valley and the cloud-forest nearby. You can also enjoy horse-riding, mountain biking and do multi-day-hikes with local guides… I don’t think there is a chance to get bored here.

Tomorrow, we’ll head to Medellin which was latest awarded the most-innovative city in the whole world. So expectations are high, Medellin 😉

A cat-together

The best tour guide in Bogota !

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