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This week, I had the first week since a long time without business travels. So: time to take a deep breath and think about the world, the good, the bad and to check whether what I am doing is right or not !

I got also a new colleague our team + I am pleased to be the mentor for a student writing his bachelor thesis. I don’t think there is a way to learn more than enabling others. They ask questions you need to answer properly, they raise different points of view than your own.

During all this new aspects, I recognized again that – especially when working in big companies – it is important to be creative in what you do. If you are thinking too often that something could be done better, but it “is as it is”, you should change your way of thinking. That’s the only way how processes / presentations / products / cultural habits can improve.

I might treat this as a reminder for myself 🙂

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design insights from outside

design insights from outside

This evening, I was attending an event outside my SAP-branded tech world:

The KIT in Karlsruhe is hosting a symposium under the title “design with … A LANDSCAPE ORIENTED APPROACH”  and today, Prof. Dr. Antoine Picon, Director of Research at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge (USA), was giving the keynote about “design with cities”.

Prof Henri Bava kicks off the event @ KIT

He stated out why he thinks that designers can make important efforts in trying to solve the world’s biggest problems. But in his eyes, engineers and the technologies they develop and use will make the more crucial impact. (Good for us techies 🙂 )

I conclude two things of my visit:

  1. I think it’s exciting to see how in the future designers will work together with engineers to solve problems. For me, it’s interesting to see how similar the architect’s design philosophies are similar to the Design Thinking approach that SAP is using often for solving problems with software.
  2. It is always enriching to get influences from people that are outside your usual ecosystem. So if there is a university near you: Check whether they have open session or events that you can attend – I’m sure you will get some value out of it!

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Digitale Transformation und die Menschen

Digitale Transformation und die Menschen

Ich bin mittendrin in einem Prozess, der aktuell guten Gewissens als “Hype-Thema” bezeichnet werden kann: Digitalisierung.

Eigentlich beschäftige ich mich ja schon damit, das Leben meiner Mitmenschen digital zu machen. Sei es vor 100 Jahren die Installation des 56k Modem bei meinem Großvater, das Entwickeln einer Website für unseren Volleyballverein oder auch der heimliche Endgegner, die Neuanordnung der Senderliste auf einem Fernseher – ich war immer schon der Ansprechpartner für Fragen um “Digitales” im Alltag.

Es kommt mir natürlich ziemlich entgegen, dass genau dieses Thema aktuell scheinbar super gefragt ist, besonders auch bei Unternehmen. Während es für Privatpersonen immer einfacher wird, einen neuen Router aufzubauen oder eine App auf ihrem Smartphone zu installieren, sind Unternehmen immer noch in ihren komplexen IT-Prozessen gefangen, die sich so gar nicht mehr zeitgemäß anfühlen (hat hier jemand SAP GUI gesagt?). Continue reading “Digitale Transformation und die Menschen”

Gute Produkte kommen von guten Menschen

(I write this article in German, because the information is probably only interesting for the local people 🙂 )

Sehr gute Freunde von mir sind Bauern.

Mag für manche vielleicht banal klingen, ist es aber gar nicht. Ich nennen sie mittlerweile auch meistens eher Landwirte, weil der Wirtschafts-Aspekt mir bei dem Wort “Bauer” einfach zu kurz kommt. Es ist wirklich sehr beeindruckend zu sehen, was Familie Dörr in Wiesbach auf dem Bauernhof vollbringt. Wahnsinn, wieviel Arbeit man in Anbau, Ernte, Vermarktung investieren muss, um erfolgreich zu Landwirten (oder heißt es landzuwirten?).

Continue reading “Gute Produkte kommen von guten Menschen”

Viva con Agua OR “how to make the world a little better”

Viva con Agua OR “how to make the world a little better”

Today, I had the pleasure to connect with a team of students within my company that worked on a project with an organization named “Viva con Agua”.

Did you know that – according to – 844 million people don’t have access to clean water? I didn’t know that! And to be honest, I am really shocked by that number. Of course I knew that poverty is a problem in our world, but WATER??? Water is not a luxury product, it’s not a “nice-to-have”, humans simply can’t survive without water. And with bringing water to people, Viva con Agua is working on changing that number.  Continue reading “Viva con Agua OR “how to make the world a little better””

Simon Sinek about relationships

Simon Sinek about relationships

Today, I won’t write something about tech or travel, but will start a new category… I’ll name it “meta” and collect some stuff in there which doesn’t fit to one of the other categories.

Some years ago, when one of our professors showed us TED, I stumbled upon Simon Sinek. I watched his video because he was one of the speakers with the most views and I was immediately impressed by his rhetoric skills. In that talk, he spoke about “How great leaders inspire action”. His mantra: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Continue reading “Simon Sinek about relationships”