This evening, I was attending an event outside my SAP-branded tech world:

The KIT in Karlsruhe is hosting a symposium under the title “design with … A LANDSCAPE ORIENTED APPROACH”  and today, Prof. Dr. Antoine Picon, Director of Research at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge (USA), was giving the keynote about “design with cities”.

Prof Henri Bava kicks off the event @ KIT

He stated out why he thinks that designers can make important efforts in trying to solve the world’s biggest problems. But in his eyes, engineers and the technologies they develop and use will make the more crucial impact. (Good for us techies 🙂 )

I conclude two things of my visit:

  1. I think it’s exciting to see how in the future designers will work together with engineers to solve problems. For me, it’s interesting to see how similar the architect’s design philosophies are similar to the Design Thinking approach that SAP is using often for solving problems with software.
  2. It is always enriching to get influences from people that are outside your usual ecosystem. So if there is a university near you: Check whether they have open session or events that you can attend – I’m sure you will get some value out of it!

#design #architecture #universities

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